When someone is prescribed medication to treat an illness or medical condition, they expect the drug to be safe. However, many prescription medications approved by the FDA are later found to have side effects that were unknown at the time they were administered to patients. The same is true regarding medical devices and implants like those used in hip replacements, pacemakers, and other surgical procedures.


Companies that produce and manufacture pharmaceuticals, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications have a responsibility to disclose all known side effects. Without prior knowledge of all of a drug’s side effects, the physician prescribing the medication cannot determine whether the risk of taking the medication to treat a condition is worth it. In many cases, doctors would never have prescribed certain drugs to patients had they known the severity or scope of a drug’s side effects beforehand.


Some pharmaceutical manufacturers claim they did not know that the “new” side effects could occur. However, thorough and exhaustive testing of prescription medications is expected prior to public availability. Drug companies are responsible for conducting long-term drug testing to determine the safety and potential side effects of every drug before they go on the market. Each year thousands of unsuspecting people are injured by defective drugs and/or medical devices.

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